Ok, after a month of playing around with wordpress and my free hosting provider. I can now safely say that I’m fully set-up and working from:


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Blog Moved… Domain missing…

I’ve moved my blog to this of course is a crappy name, and I should have a domain fwd. set up anytime now.

Please continue visiting there, all articles etc. from this one have been moved over.


Move to new blog Delayed

Well… lots of radio silence… Can’t be good!

It isn’t. The people I bought my new hosting space and domain on, never contacted me, nor activated any of the functionality I paid for. This is now nicely handled by Paypal but in the meantime, more then a Month has passed, and I did not move on😦

That is not really true. I found a !free! host that allows me to host my blog. the offer free hosting of 1.5gb with an SQL Database and PHP support.

As soon as the conflict is resolved by Paypal, I will set up a domain for it too.

I have made a start, with a new template and some new ideas too!

A Bite Of…

please have a look!

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WSS_Content Log Growing Too Big

As mentioned in previous posts, we are running a WSS3 intranet in our office. Due to several reasons, the server we are running the intranet from, is a very small Virtual Server. The performance of the server is fine, the disc-space however is not.

The server has a hard disk of 20 Gb. What I was not aware of is that when you install the standard out-of-the-box WSS, that the Internal SQL Database it sets-up is using the Full Logging feature. This caused my installation to have a content database of 320 MB, but a log file of 9+ Gig!!

The first thing I did was move some unused install files off the server to create a bit of space. The I had to find out how to connect to the database to see what was going on (by then, I did not know what exactly filled up the hard disk).


I found out it was the log file by a tool called windirstat, a great (portable) tool that shows the file on the hard disk in a graphical way. This showed directly where the problem was. In the Log file…

This in most tutorials and how-to’s they explain to get the SQL Management Studio express edition and connect to the database. There are 2 things I missed in most explanations.

1. The install must be on the server itself and

2. you have to connect using a pipe. (the connection string: \\.\pipe\MSSQL$MICROSOFT##SSEE\sql\query)

Once connected the most logical and straightforward thing to do was to find the log databases and shrink them, like I read on most posts about this. I did this, and freed up about 200 MB of free space. I felt I bought some time to look into this further, but to my surprise, these 200MB were filled up again in about 3 minutes!

So back to reading…. I found that the correct way to proceed (be ware that correct in this sense is related to freeing up as much space as possible!) would be to change the logging of the content database from Full to Simple first, then truncate the database(BACKUP LOG WSS_Content WITH TRUNCATE_ONLY) and as a last step Shrink it (Instead of using the context menu, I used the SQL Command DBCC SHRINKFILE(WSS_Content_log, 1)
).  Now the Log database size went from the 9.4GB to a mere 2MB!

This all happened a couple of day’s ago, and I have just checked the server and the log files hardly moved!! Thanks to Paramesh @

!Update [06/04/2010] !  It has been two weeks now and she is still fooiinnee!!!



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